mV² leverages our experience, professional network, and vast industry knowledge to help you identify and create opportunities in the composite armor market.

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mV² can design an armor solution to defeat any ballistic threat. We assess the weight objective and cost targets to develop a solution to meet the given performance requirement. We present the end user with alternatives that balance the cost and weight of the finished armor solution.

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mV² maintains strong relationships with each element of the supply chain. We work with various material suppliers from low cost steel and aluminum to low weight composite fiber manufacturers. Our clients include weavers, prepreggers, composite OEM’s and integrators.

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Leadership Team

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About Us

mV² can help you analyze the market space and design armor solutions to better protect the end user. We are able to identify new business opportunities, build partnerships, enter new markets, and help you deliver superior products to your customers.

mV² specializes in lightweight armor systems for a wide variety of platforms including military, law enforcement and commercial vehicles (air, land, and sea). We also have experience with soft armor when a flexible solution is needed for law enforcement, civil applications, and vehicle applications.
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